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Simple '5-Minute Skillet Broccoli' Hack Is a Healthy Eater's Dream

Do you enjoy eating tons of veggies? If you do, you probably also love learning about new ways to prepare them. TikTok content creator @hungryhappens shows us a new way to make broccoli, in no time at all. This succulent side will easily become your new family favorite!

Forget the side-salad; this diet-friendly dish is far more satisfying. 

What a great way to make broccoli! This impressive hack will make healthy meals a breeze. This simple recipe uses fresh broccoli florets, that are first sautéed in a frying pan for one minute, before getting a steam bath using water with garlic and onion powder mixed inside. Smart! Cover and cook 3 minutes and serve with freshly squeezed lemon, fresh dill and crumbled feta on top. The combination of dill, feta, and lemon has us speechless. How delicious! And it has also us wondering; could we do cauliflower the same way? We're ready to give this tasty recipe a try.

The audience was ready to taste this stunning side! Viewer @A_AmberC commented, “Wow, I can’t wait to try this!! Thank you!!” Viewer @TonyDemitre added, “My aunt used to make the best green beans with onion.... Greek style.” 

We think that sounds like a wonderful idea, too! Viewer @NicoleCapece tells us, “I made this tonight (minus the feta, sadly.) Absolutely delicious!” That’s wonderful to hear! Viewer @YolandaWashington sweetly said, “I love TikTok because of your beautiful videos. Thank you so much. I appreciate all of your recipes.” And @hungryhappens replied, “You are a diamond for lifting others up. Thank you so much, my friend.” What a great reminder to share kindness. 

We enjoy mixing up our menus, and our family appreciates the variety, too. This tasty gem will easily become a weeknight staple.