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Woman Explains How 'Baywatch' Actress Helped Her Embrace Her Stretch Marks

It always feels nice when someone pays you a sincere compliment. It’s especially nice to receive one when you're having a really tough day. TikTok content creator @thatpineapplegirl shares the celebrity encounter that changed the way she saw herself.

We would have paid to have seen his face.

This is such a great story. She tells us that while she was vacationing in South Florida with her not-so-great-ex-boyfriend; they also happened to be filming the Baywatch movie. On one particular day, her not-so-great-ex boyfriend told her that her stretch marks were so gross, she should cover up with shorts. This left her feeling so bad about herself that she walked down the beach until she found a spot where she could be alone. Then she sees the bombshell, Kelly Rohrbach, running towards her. And Kelly just kept staring at her! In her head, she was telling herself it was because of her hideous stretch marks. Later that day, while with her now ex-boyfriend, Kelly came up to her and apologized for staring at her on the beach. Explaining she was only doing so because she was so beautiful. Flooring the idiot boyfriend. And she’s never worried about her stretch marks since. Amen.

The audience loved this story. Viewer @taaylss said, “Yesss, love this!! A reminder to compliment other gals as you never know how much they may need it! Viewer @jessanswers said, “I was on that set. Can confirm: Kelly is a total sweetheart.” It sure sounds like she is. Viewer @IndyandElle commented, “This is a good lesson for us to just give the compliment and not be embarrassed about it.” It really is.

This story is a great reminder that we often worry about things no one else sees. And it's also a nice reminder to say something kind when you can.