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Easy 10-Minute Pre-Bedtime Routine Can Help Improve Relaxation

Do fall asleep each night with ease and sleep soundly all night long? If you laughed when you read the question, you’ll want to check out this idea. TikTok content creator @moorewellness shows us an easy bedtime exercise to help us achieve a dreamy night's sleep.

This remedy is drug free and won’t leave you feeling groggy in the morning. 

This doesn’t look too bad. And although ten minutes sounds like a really long time, we will absolutely set aside the time, to sleep through the night. We would consider half the night a win. He tells us that this arm-swinging routine reduces blood pressure, stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, and improves sleep quality and duration. Wow, that sounds pretty good to us. And so much better than pharmaceutical sleep drugs that come with a frightening laundry list of unwanted side-effects. And you may have done this QiGong move before in a Yoga class. It’s believed to help open energetic pathways and increase mobility too.

The audience was willing to give this a shot but couldn’t commit to the length of time. Viewer @CassieAnn commented, “I don’t know what’s worse, my insomnia or my attention span. 10 minutes?” Too funny! We bet even a few minutes would bring an improvement. Viewer @RMM44 said, “maybe if it was like 3 minutes....but 10 minutes, that's just too much effort.” Viewer @ADHDguitarist commented, "But that would interrupt my hour of TikTok.” It might actually be nice to take a break from all the electronics before bed.

We’ve enjoyed this move in yoga class and we’re going to give it a try before bed tonight. We may not do a whole 10 minutes, but we’ll commit to trying it for at least two.