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Video of the Best and Worst Plant-Based Milk Options Is Going Viral

If you can’t drink regular dairy, you probably enjoy a glass or almond or oat milk instead. Unfortunately, these products can often be loaded with unwanted ingredients. TikTok content creator @zumanutrition brings us along to the market to explore several plant-based milk options. 

Reading the label before you buy is a great habit to practice!

If you’re looking to limit the ingredients you ingest, she points out the ones we don't need. The first “worst” plant-milk she shows us is; Blue Diamond because it contains gums and natural flavors. Next on her naughty list is Oatly. She tells us that it contains rapeseed oil. And the 3rd offender is Planet Oat, and she tells us this also contains natural flavors and gums too. She feels the two best options are Malk and Three Trees, and she tells us they both use only three clean ingredients.

If you're wondering about these ingredients; Guar gum is a fiber that comes from the Guar bean that’s primarily grown in Pakistan and India. It's believed to aid in weight loss, and help you to feel full. Rapeseed oil, also known as canola oil, is highly debatable about its health benefits/detriments, so use your best judgment here. We don't know why natural flavors are bad, so let's remain in ignorant bliss, and let that one be for now.

These claims left much of the audience curious as well. Viewer @HeatherMcCoy806 asked, “Please cite legitimate sources for this “information.” We would be interested in learning about this data too. Another person commented, “now look at the amount of calories the “best” ones have.” Great observation.

This video gives us some great food for thought and it’s always good to think about what we are consuming.