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Man Believes He's Stumbled Upon a Big Fitness Conspiracy

He might be on to something here.

The new year brings an influx of people joining their community fitness gyms in the hopes of wanting to accomplish their goals of achieving a healthier lifestyle. Of course, this is a great thing for both gym-goers as they’re improving their lifestyle and gyms are cashing in on the increase of members. However, because of this, gyms tend to create ways to keep these members interested in their gym by offering certain incentives or when the incentives don’t quite work, perhaps they take a different, more sneaky approach?

At least that’s what TikTok content creator @beckler89 believes. He thinks he may have just discovered a big fitness conspiracy and while the comment section is mixed with if they agree with his theory or not, we have to admit, it’s a pretty good assumption.

So he believes that some of these fancy boutique fitness clubs that offers chest fitness trackers and the ability to compete with others in the gym by highlighting their heart rate and calories burned on the big screen TV is the perfect way to keep their gym members coming back consistently. He says that his wife prefers to go to the gym where she believes she gets a more effective workout because she burns more calories, as opposed to doing a workout with him, where according to her fitness tracker watch, she doesn’t burn nearly as many calories.

Folks in the comment section shared their thoughts with some agreeing with his stance, whereas others challenged his theory saying that a chest tracker is more accurate than a wrist tracker.

Either way, we believe as long as you get a good workout, that’s an absolute win!