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Licensed Therapist Shares the Real Truth About Binge Eating

Do you tend to overeat on a regular basis? Have you ever stopped to wonder if it was simply lack of self-control, or something else? TikTok content creator and licensed therapist @itsryannnicole explains the three things we should know about binge eating. These are important points to know.

If you're experiencing these behaviors, you're not alone.

Wow, this is wonderful information to hear. She tells us that binge eating and eating a lot of food are not the same thing. She explains that with binge eating, you can't just tell yourself not to buy the binge food and expect it to work long term. She explains that this is not a lack of discipline, but rather it’s a reaction to un-met needs. That’s very interesting, and it helps us to have a better perspective on this condition. We hope this will come to a relief for many who blame themselves for lack of control. The good news is that a licensed therapist may be able to help you to identify your needs.

The audience felt this message was very relatable to them. Viewer @Megs commented, “Don’t buy the binge food” I will literally binge on a bag of raw potatoes if I have nothing else. It’s not the food. It’s mental health.” Viewer @Kay said, “I am always telling myself I don’t have self-discipline because of binge eating.” Viewer @NatalieMarie added, “Not me realizing I need therapy.” Recognizing the problem is the first step in fixing it.

We appreciate that she pointed out these major differences. We need to have more conversations about mental health, to better the quality of our lives.