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Doctor Explains How Black Pepper Helps Reduce Belly Fat

Would you like to easily lose a few extra pounds? Would you consider sprinkling on a seasoning to reduce your belly fat? TikTok content creator @motivationaldoc shares his secret spice for losing weight. And we can really get on board with this idea. 

You may already use a little of this fat burning spice!

Seriously? Wow, our food will be blackened from now on! We're thrilled that this thermogenic food is already part of our daily menu. Who knew those little peppercorns could also help us lose weight? He tells us pepper contains piperine and that it enhances our metabolic performance and burns fat. And it also helps to increase the concentration of good cholesterol. That’s also great to hear! We aren't sure if it needs to be freshly ground for this effect but it tastes so much better that way, we're going to go fresh.

The audience was pleased to learn about the benefits of this spice, but many still had reservations about its efficacy for fat loss. Viewer @user8121380308082 commented, “Then I should be 30 pounds lighter. I use so much pepper.” Maybe it would be 40 pounds without the pepper? Viewer @ChrisPayne noted, “If black pepper actually helped you lose weight, I would be so skinny, I blacken everything with it.” That’s a bummer to hear. Viewer @dbrown3121 said, “I put black pepper on all my cheese burgers. This is false. I haven’t lost any weight doing this.” Ha, too funny! Viewer @Bngalquinx3 added, “I’m putting on everything from now on!” We’re going to give it a try, too.

If you already enjoy using black pepper in your food, using a little extra shouldn’t be hard to do. We’re going to use just a little bit more and see what happens to that stubborn fat!