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Common Reason People Experience Bloating Is Pretty Unexpected

Have you tried all the gut health trends? The kombucha, kefir, and the million-dollar refrigerator probiotics. And do you still feel bloated? TikTok content creator and registered dietician @wholesomechicknutrition shares advice about gut health, rooted in science.

If you suffer from regular bloating, you’ll want to hear this advice.

This is interesting. She tells us that our bloating is most likely not due to leaky gut. She also mentions that we're not in need of a colon broom. And this made us wonder, what the heck is a colon broom? Phew, it’s not as bad as it’s sounds. It’s basically a soluble fiber made to sweep out your digestive tract. We're still happy to know that won't be necessary. She tells us that the bloat is most likely caused by not eating enough and not eating consistently. We also may not be drinking enough water. And she tells us that bloating can be from unmanaged stress. This is great information.

The audience appreciated hearing this advice. Viewer @LindsayD commented, “I even looked at veggies, lol. Will the broccoli soup I had for lunch make me bloat? Yes. Will I still eat 3 bowls of it? Also yes.” Ha! We hear you on that. Viewer @AshleighBarnett228 said, “I've grazed all my life. I only ever get bloated when in situations where I have to go for long periods w/o food.” Interesting to learn. Viewer @RachelRoberts added “Literally as soon as I started eating enough and prioritizing variety instead of only protein, all my digestive issues vanished.”And @wholesomechicknutrition replied, “Yes, this!”

This sound advice might help us fit into our favorite New Year’s outfit a little better. And with all those holiday treats, we will take all the help we can get.