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Video Showing How Bodies Have Changed Since the 1970s Is Eye-Opening

It’s hard to imagine that only 50 years ago, the majority of the US population was at a healthy weight. So what’s changed since then? TikTok content creator @amarietok takes a back to a healthier time. And it leaves us questioning many things about our modern day lifestyle.

The photos from the 70s look very different from photos today.

It’s crazy to think that Americans had nearly 17% less body fat in the 70s. We are old enough to remember those days, and she’s right. People really didn’t have excess weight. She makes several great points about our lifestyle differences from then to now. Back then, we mostly ate at home; we rarely ate fast food, and portions were smaller. Soda was a treat, not a daily or even weekly drink. Another big change was when pre-packaged foods became the cheapest choice, only increasing the fiber-less diet model. To make matters worse, Kelloggs launched an ad campaign without science, saying “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” adding more carbs and sugar to the American meal plan. 

To combat these gains, main stream medicine suggested people take a pill, instead of adjust their diets. With record rates of obesity and type 2 diabetes, it’s hard to understand why much of this hasn’t changed. She recommends adding more fiber to our diets to combat some of the effects of modern eating.

The audience was in agreement. Viewer @Sunshine6715 commented, “We were much more active in the 70s. There were no computers, cell phones. Society has changed, leading to sedentary behavior.” That’s so true. Viewer @darrenschmidtdc noted, “It all started with the USDA dietary guidelines in 1980. The bad food became mandated.” That’s another great point. 

We are going to get ourselves moving more and eating less. Great advice for the upcoming holiday eating season, too!