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American Mom Shares 3 Changes in Her Body Since Moving to France

Do you struggle with bloating and digestive problems? Have you ever traveled to Europe and were able to eat everything without an issue? TikTok content creator @isabellebertolami shares her three body changes since moving to France. It’s an incredible difference. 

This will really make you wonder what we are eating in the USA.

Wow, those are three big changes! First, she tells us that she is no longer bloated in France. No matter what she eats, and she eats everything, she’s good to go. We’ve had this experience in Europe, too, and it really makes you wonder. The next change she noticed was her bra size decreasing by a full cup, without losing weight. That’s pretty scary when you think about our food in the States having some kind of impact on our hormones. And what is it doing to our breast tissue? Her third noticeable change was in her acne. She no longer suffers from breakouts on her chin and jawline. And those breakouts would also likely be due to a hormonal imbalance. Scary stuff.

The audience agreed with her experience in Europe. Viewer @AhndiaMansoori commented, “I was in Paris last week for 6 days and lost 5 lbs and no bloating. I’ve ordered French flour for baking to help with gluten insensitivity.” Viewer @ZMLMJ&Eleanor said, “It sounds like our foods here affect our hormones negatively! I love France and yes, the food is so much better!” Viewer @ArkeshaDunning noted, “Omg yes, I went to Europe for two weeks and noticed a significant difference. Even drinking alcohol, I didn’t have crazy hangovers etc.” t’s hard to know what exactly is causing these problems in our food supply. Is it genetically modified ingredients, hormones, or is it a combination of factors? 

It’s a problem that needs to be solved sooner than later. We all deserve access to affordable and nutritious foods.