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Woman's Funny Take on Body Image Issues Is So Spot-On

Are you extremely self-conscious? Do you avoid being naked, even when you’re alone? TikTok content creator @andimariere shares some words of wisdom about our body issues. She’s quite right and she's extremely funny.

This might just become your new mantra.

She speaks the truth! We worry about these little things on our bodies that no one else notices. And all of this worry doesn't help us. It’s not just a little extra around our waist we worry about. We fear the world will see one or two eyebrow hairs out of place. We fear our thighs are the biggest in the world. Yet we rarely stop to think about or appreciate our assets. That little pad of fat in our lower abdomen is there for a reason, and although some have more than others, it’s completely normal! Also, that padding of fat doesn’t usually come off from dieting, so learning to live with it, is best for our mental health!

The audience applauded her honestly and felt they could relate to this problem. Viewer @LeighMoodyFloyd commented, “One time I tried to show it to a man to explain my insecurity and I swear he was literally like, “what are you talking about?” Too funny! Viewer @Smilescompletes said, “I needed to hear this. Girl getting back out in the dating scene and my mom's bod is talking too much.” Viewer @ProfessorPlatypus commented, “Accurate. I'm just pleased as punch to be given the access, ma’am.” Ha! That’s good to hear.

We loved hearing this advice. We’re going to find our perfect shade of red lipstick and have a fabulous holiday season. Life’s way too short to sweat the stuff we can’t change.