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Woman's Game-Changing Realization About Body Image Is Going Viral

Are you really hard on yourself? Is your happiness dependent upon your weight? TikTok content creator @justsaraslife shares her raw emotions on body image. And she’s not alone.

This is a real problem for many people. 

It’s just so hard to speak kindly to ourselves. However, it’s all too easy to speak negatively. Perhaps we could all make an effort to be grateful for the good things; our family, friends, pets, jobs, homes, cars, vacations, etc. There are so many things to be grateful for, but somehow our body weight can dictate our happiness. It’s crazy when you think about how we speak to ourselves. We would never tell a friend they weren't good enough because of their appearance and we should treat ourselves with that same kindness. We give her so much credit for sharing her feelings on this subject and we know that many can sympathize with her pain. 

This message hit home with the audience. Viewer @makeshift.macaroni commented, “Actually sobbing right now because you are so right.” Viewer @MySharona added, “I absolutely love this & it's 100% true, but why is it at the top every single day?? I wish I could get over it.” We think many would agree. Viewer @AshleySchaeferMcHu said, “Not to be dramatic, but I think you just changed my life. You are me.. I am you… From the bottom of my heart, thank you for this!” How sweet and encouraging. Viewer @hannablez chimed in with, “I needed this today. It really put things into perspective. I practice gratitude, but I need to look at it full scale and see how much I have!” We all do!

This powerful message has provided us with a wonderful perspective. It comes at a great time too. It's the perfect season to just be thankful.