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Fat Loss Coach Shares Tip for Losing the Last 10 Pounds

Have you been on a Yo-Yo diet cycle for years? If you have, you’ll definitely want to check out this video. TikTok content creator and fat loss coach @jillianrfit explains how we can lose those unwanted pounds without gaining them back. And you won’t be calorie restricted forever on this plan. 

This great advice is for long-term weight loss.

This makes sense to us! Starvation dieting burns our essential fat stores for energy. The body is designed this way to keep us alive during times of famine. But the body wants to restock that fat after we’ve starved it off. Her plan is perfect for stopping this cycle. This is smart advice, and it’s a great way to keep yourself motivated, too. No one wants to be on a diet all the time. She points out that if we eat a lot at night, we might not be hungry the next day. However, we’ve been conditioned to eat anyway, so we do, and we put those pounds back on. This is a great reminder to be mindful of what our body is telling us.

The audience was pleased with this great advice. Viewer @user1310247612406 commented, “This right here!! I need help! I want to lose these 10 pounds and keep them off FOREVER!!” We hear you! Viewer @Kayla asked, “will this work for bariatric patients? I’m stuck on losing my last 5-10lbs after 75lbs of weight loss.” And @jillianrfit replied, “That conversation is different, unfortunately, with your calorie limits. If you aren’t lifting weights, lift weights!” Viewer @xx_gracious_xx asked, “How long should you be in maintenance before another fat loss phase?” And @jillianrfit replied, “Depends on the diet history and how long the fat loss phase was! Realistically, maintenance should be at least as long as the fat loss phase.” Great to know.

This smart advice can help to keep us on track and those pesky pounds off. And it will also help us develop a healthier relationship with food.