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Rice Hack That Supports Gut Health Is Going Viral on TikTok

If you enjoy eating rice on a regular basis, this smart cooking tip will significantly increase its nutritional value. And it won’t make preparation any more complicated. TikTok content creator @julia.yak shows us a simple switch for big rewards. 

This must taste so much better too!

This is a great idea! She tells us she started swapping the water for bone broth when making rice. This easy swap brings a ton of nutrients to those little grains. She tells us that bone broth is loaded with nutrients, collagen, and protein. She explains that this healthy change is great for your gut health, joints, and hormones. She tells us that it tastes 10x better too. We believe it! You can use chicken or beef to change up your flavors for whatever dish you’re planning to serve. We are pretty sure everyone will love this tasty swap.

The audience loved this brilliant idea. Viewer @nick_vitello commented, “Why haven’t I thought of this..?? WHY?? Tell ME!” We were wondering the same thing. Viewer @AnaCaroGarzaZuazua said, “I’ve always made my rice like this, and when it’s ready, add a tbsp of salted butter and fluff the rice when the butter is melted.” Great idea. Butter really does make everything better. And it’s good to get a little fat in with the starch, too. Viewer @Donut commented, “I was literally thinking about doing this a few days ago; this is a sign.” It must have been.

We love this tasty and healthy idea. We will give this a shot next time we make our rice. We think it’s going to be a huge hit with our family!