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10-Minute 'Butterbean Cozy Bowl' Is the Best Vegan Treat

Nothing quite beats a simple, vegan meal. And this warm bowl of goodness is perfect for chilly winter nights and couldn't be more simple. TikTok content creator @bunchuk shows us the recipe she created out of hunger. And it has our tummy begging for a serving as well.

The creamy butterbean cozy bowl looks too good to pass up.

This looks delicious! She starts by heating olive oil in a frying pan with freshly minced garlic. Then, she adds the butter beans, spinach, and tomatoes, cooking until they soften. Then she adds a dollop of vegan cream cheese, along with another handful of spinach. She puts in a splash of fresh lemon juice, a drizzle of olive oil, and red pepper flakes to serve. This recipe won’t break the bank and it won't have you tied to the stove all night long, either. You can customize this recipe to suit your tastes. Since we aren't going vegan, we might add a little fried pancetta to the top, along with a bit of fresh burrata, too. 

The audience loved this recipe idea. Viewer @ItsJustMyMunch commented, “Creamy butter bean anything is just an absolute VIBE.” That’s for sure! Viewer @micheles807 suggested, “Instead of cream cheese, just mush up a few beans. creamy and no weird ingredients of cream cheese.” That’s not a bad idea either, especially if you’re not a fan of vegan cheeses or are lactose intolerant. Viewer @Annemarie noted, “Looks amazing! And so quick too.” It really couldn’t be any easier. 

We enjoyed learning about this healthy meal. We can’t wait to give it a taste!