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Woman's Epic 'Calorie Deficit' Fail Could've Happened to Anyone

If you’ve ever tried to count and track your food, you may have also made this mistake. It’s an unfortunate lesson to learn, but it might also help you understand why your weight loss may be stalled. TikTok content creator @spen_fitness shares the error she realized, two months into her diet.

It’s just so easy to make this mistake!

We've done similar things like this too. She explains that two months into her diet; she realized that she was counting 100g of uncooked rice, the same as 100g of cooked. She tells us that she was adding the rice to each of her meals and was always full and feeling good. Ha! We believe it. We’d be curious to know if she had still lost weight in those two months. If she was controlling her overall intake, she may have still been losing. And if she was, there is no reason to be starving.

The audience had made this error before, too. Viewer @AmberB commented, “Mine was pasta. Cooked pasta and dried pasta, not the same.” And @spen_fitness replied, “This comment section has let me know I’m also making this mistake with pasta!!” Oh no! That is too funny. Viewer @ViviannaVixen commented, “We've all made this mistake at least once! And sometimes the labels are sneaky and show you the calories for cooked rather than uncooked!” That is the truth!

If you've been struggling to lose weight, and have been counting your grains the same way, at least you can make a change now. Better to hear the story a few weeks into your weight loss journey than a year.