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Dietitian Shows How Many Carbs a Person's Brain Needs Daily

Do you restrict your carbs and work your body hard? Do you know how many carbs it takes for just your brain to function properly? TikTok content creator and registered dietician @michellepillepich shows us how many carbs we need each day for optimal thinking. You might be pretty happy to hear the amount.

This is for just your brain health. You need even more for the rest of your body to be its best!

Wow, we have no idea. For a brain to function properly, carb intake needs to be about the equivalent of seven slices of bread. That's a lot of bread for your noggin. We're pretty excited to hear this information because it's like getting a hall pass on carbohydrates. Ha! To break it down, an average slice of bread has roughly 15g of carbs. That’s 105 grams a day that she’s recommending for brain health. 

Carbohydrates aren’t just bread. A medium apple has 25 carbs with 4g of fiber; while a banana has 27 carbs and only 3g of fiber. Vegetables also have carbs; a large carrot contains 7g; a medium-sized potato 37 carbs, and a sweet potato 27g. You can easily reach your daily recommended amount of carbohydrates for brain health by eating your fruits and veggies, without ever eating a slice of bread. 

The audience was excited to hear this information. Viewer @RebeccaElise commented, “I knew my love for bread was founded in science.” Exactly right! Viewer @Andy agreed, “Lack of carbs is linked to inability to focus, and long term has been linked to memory loss. Carbs are good!!” We think they are, too.

We always enjoy taking a more in-depth look at the calories and nutrients we are consuming. Sometimes, we forget about what’s going into our bodies, and what's not.