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8 Specific Carbs Supposedly Make Weight Loss Easier

Do you feel guilty when you eat carbs? Would you like to add them back to your diet but are too afraid to try? TikTok content creator @andrewholmes79 tells us about eight carbohydrates that we should be eating. 

Once you see the list, you’ll feel much better about eating these foods.

We love hearing carbs are ok! He gives us eight great options to choose from and tells us that we actually need them to lose weight. They help to make us feel full and they give us the energy we need for exercise. Sounds good to us. First on his list is potatoes, followed by oatmeal, rice, broccoli, greek yogurt, quinoa, frozen fruit, and bananas. We’re thinking fresh berries would also be good to use, if you have them available. We’re thrilled to hear these carbs can help speed up our weight loss.

The audience was excited to hear this information. One viewer said, "I gave up potatoes and rice because I thought I would gain more weight, but I'm gonna take your advice and add them again, thanks.” We are too. Viewer @Missy_E added, “So glad to know. Had a gastric bypass and I get hungry in the middle of my sleep after abstaining from it since I started exercising.” We bet that will help. Viewer @BrittanyDunn inquired, “What about those with type 2 diabetes? Still ok with potatoes and rice?” And @andrewholmes79 replied, “Yes, but always be sure to consume with protein & fats to slow glucose uptake.” Great point.

We’re happy to know these carbs won’t ruin our diet. And we always feel so much better when we’re eating them.