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Cardiologist Shares the One Thing She'll Absolutely Never Eat

You might be surprised to hear what a cardiologist has to say about this plant-based oil. And what she'd rather eat instead might shock you. TikTok content creator @everydayhealth shares a physicians' advice about a very popular oil.

This oil is celebrated for its health benefits, but it may not be so healthy after all. 

This information may have shaken you up a bit, but this has been a hot topic for years now. If you prefer butter over coconut oil anyway, here’s your pass to keep eating that creamy, salty animal fat. Cardiologist Dr. Reynolds recommends using olive oil as your primary fat, but suggests butter is a better alternative than coconut. We love this nutty oil on our skin, but find the flavor in cooking/baking to be rather overpowering, so we’re happy to take her advice. We’d be curious to know how she feels about coconut oil compared to soybean or canola. She tells us that we don’t need to eat a low-fat diet but rather a diet that’s rich in healthy fats. 

The audience had mixed feelings on this topic. Viewer @nika commented, “this information changes every year. Lmao” It’s so true! Viewer @Aram24 commented, “these people hate coconut oil, cause the other oils cause heart issues, seed oils coconut oil is extremely healthy, of course these ppl want your hearts.” Viewer @AnnaCherryCaribbea commented, “We Caribbean people use coconut oil to cook with and it's good for our hair and skin Trinidad and Tobago.” Viewer @RachelleSnyman added, “I have no idea what I should and should not consume anymore.” Fair enough! 

This advice was interesting to learn. We love butter and olive oil equally and are happy to know they both are cardiologist approved for now!