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Woman Explains the Annoying Truth About Why Girls Struggle with Body Image

Given how prevalent social media is these days, it's really no wonder that girls struggle with maintaining a positive body image. Sadly, it's not the only contributor. TikTok content creator @hannah_neese points out one of the reasons she feels girls aren’t comfortable in their own skin. And she’s not wrong. 

This is a problem that goes in both directions. 

A size 6 in one brand is really a size 2 in another brand. And there is a flip side to this as well. A size 6 in your favorite jeans might also be a size 10 in other brands. We’ve even bought the same brand, size and style in a different color, only to not have it fit. And it really does mess with your head. We aren’t sure why there are such significant inconsistencies in fashion, but we’d save ourselves a lot of heartache and money if they were all cut the same. It’s already hard enough for women to see distorted images online; it only gets harder when you have to go up two sizes from your usual, just to fit a style.

The audience could relate. Viewer @MadisonJohnson commented, “Okay, I have those black Levi’s and every time I wash them, I want to die a little because they get so tight.” We feel your pain. Viewer @JennLuplow said, “Reason 75534678854335 i will never give up leggings. HATE jean sizing.” We love our leggings, too. Viewer @SweetBoo commented, “Levi’s gave me a mental disorder for real.” Levi’s has far too straight a fit for many people.

The good news here is that once you find your right brand and size, you can just stick to it. And save yourself all the heartache and mental anguish of trying a new style.