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Naturopath Shares the Key Signs of Cortisol Levels Being Too High

Do you ever wonder if your high stress levels are messing with your body? Do you have symptoms of low thyroid but normal test results? TikTok content creator and licensed naturopathic physician @natural.dr.stephanie shares the symptoms of high cortisol. Some of them may surprise you.

You might find these symptoms describe you perfectly!

This is great information! We think many will relate to these symptoms. The first sign she shares is waking up with an extreme sense of anxiety. She tells us our cortisol is highest in the morning, and if you wake feeling anxious, you could be experiencing a surge due to this imbalance. Next on the list is having an afternoon energy crash. If you’re often seeking sugar or caffeine at this time, it may be due to cortisol too. If you can’t fall asleep at bedtime, that's a another sign. And if you can’t go more than a few hours without eating and getting shaky, this might also be from having high cortisol. Who knew? Lastly, she tells us that if we have normal thyroid function but experience the symptoms of low-thyroid, this is also a sign of imbalanced cortisol. Wow, we had no idea all of these symptoms could be linked to this stress hormone. 

The audience was thankful for this great lesson. Viewer @Snackdaddy commented, “This is my experience to a T. Kind of scary accurate. I’m a first year med student.” Viewer @shelby noted, "Wow, nailed it the only thing I haven't been checked for yet.” And @natural.dr.stephanie replied, “It often gets missed by conventional docs.” We'll bet that’s true.

If you don’t experience any of these symptoms, you’ve probably learned to manage your stress well. Please share your secrets with the rest of us.