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Woman Swears 'Cycle Syncing' Is the Key to Permanent Weight Loss

If you ever feel like your hormones are out of whack or you've been told you have high cortisol levels, you'll want to pay attention to what TikTok content creator @healthwithholland has to say. She explains what we should be eating at different times of the month, according to where we are in our cycles. This may be the missing piece of the hormonal puzzle.

Aligning your diet with your cycle makes total sense!

This smart concept is worth a try. She tells us that we should be changing our diets to coincide with our monthly cycle. In the menstrual phase, we have our lowest energy and should be eating iron rich foods, complex carbohydrates, and a combination of fat and protein. During the next phase, the follicular phase, we have increasing energy and we should be eating lean protein, colorful vegetables and lighter meals. During the ovulation phase, we have our highest energy, mood, and confidence. We should be eating lots of protein and healthy fats, along with cruciferous vegetables and plenty of water. Finally, during the luteal phase we have decreasing mood and energy and should be increasing our calories and eating warm foods like soups. We should also be eating magnesium-rich foods like dark chocolate and avocado. This sounds like really great advice. 

People who watched the clip are ready to give this a shot. Viewer @bayoucity_realtor commented, “I love the idea of working with our cycles instead of hiding or going against it! I have fibroids and have gained so much weight!” Viewer @Lisa said, “Where have you been my whole life?! I can’t believe that at 40 years old, it’s just come to light how our bodies really need to be treated.” It’s great information to have.

We're going to begin aligning our diets with our bodies. During those times of the month when we are beyond exhausted, this will hopefully give us the energy we need to keep going!