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Mom's Kind Words for Her Daughter After She Gained Weight Are So Inspiring

Most of us can remember what it was like to be a teen with an ever-changing body. Did you feel secure or self-conscious? Join the club. TikTok content creator shares the words of wisdom her mom once said to her. We should all take notes on this powerful response. 

This is a reaction that’s worth practicing. 

We love this message and we're sure we'd love her mom. She tells us that when she was about 12, she told her mom she was gaining weight. Her mom's response was simply, “maybe you did.” This neutral response was exactly what she needed. She didn’t make a fuss by trying to validate her or by denying that it was happening. She was 12 and her body was changing, and it was completely normal. This brilliant response didn’t make her feel bad, or good, or anything. It was just a fact of life. No drama required.

The audience loved this message. Viewer @slaypatrol_ commented, “I did not properly understand the difference between body positivity and body neutrality until this moment.” Viewer @TheCaliSmiths said, “This is the mom I did not have & the kind of mom I’m trying SO hard to be for my 2 little girls.” We think many would agree. Viewer @Chandler added, “Love this! My mom was the same way; she also never spoke badly about herself and her body. She taught me how amazing the human/female body is.” That’s another great piece of advice; speaking kindly about ourselves, in front of children, is also very important for their self-esteem.

We will be remembering this sage advice when we encounter similar situations. We hope this neutral response can help others to feel more comfortable in their own skin, too.