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Dietitian's Review of Diet From the 1950s Is Priceless

We'd feel exactly the same way on this plan.

There are so many diets and lifestyles that people from all over the world have adapted. While some diets are easy to keep up with, there are some that are quite the opposite and one of those diets is this one posted from TikTok content creator @bodysciencerd.

This 1950s diet is particularly interesting and honestly, this diet is one we definitely would avoid altogether — it really doesn’t seem realistic.

As mentioned in the video, our shipping and grocery industry was completely different back then as compared to now, so that definitely makes a big difference when comparing diets from back then to now. One of the main interesting points of their diet back in the 1950s is that people would have an 8 ounce glass of milk with practically every single meal and milk was also used a “treat” for the day or an appetite suppressant. They also relied on a ton of jello and canned fruit to ensure they were able to get the recommended daily serving of fruits and vegetables.

The magazine she was reading from had a few meals listed from 1950s and her “favorite” meal consisted of one cup of fat free bullion, four ounces of Frankfurters cooked in a half teaspoon of butter or margarine, a cup of sauerkraut and four thin slices of carrots. To wash down your meal, you have the option of drinking either a cup of coffee or surprise, surprise — a glass of milk.

How interesting is this? We basically share the same sentiments as @bodysciencerd.