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Dietitian Shares Simple Steps for Tackling Overeating

These steps are simple, but can make a big impact

Establishing a solid workout routine and starting a lifestyle change are pivotal steps to make when you’re trying to adapt a healthier lifestyle and lose weight.

And as some people may know, losing weight isn’t an easy job — it requires a lot of work and the best place to start tackling the difficult task is to start with portion control. And if you struggle with overeating, here are a few helpful tips to take note of from dietician and TikTok content creator @nutritionbabe.

Having previously lost 100 pounds, this dietician knows from experience what it takes to combat weight loss and overeating. The first step she shared was to drop the shame and know that everyone experiences body changes, so you’re not alone. Especially during this time, it’s important to make sure you have something in your life that brings you joy and makes you feel good — go for a walk, read a good book or take a relaxing bath. Next, reflect on what you eat and see if you actually enjoy any of the foods you consume, especially on a regular basis; anything that makes you feel bad is something you should avoid eating. Lastly, don’t restrict yourself from eating when you’re hungry and keep satisfying meals prepped and ready to eat when you’re ready.

These tips are simple and clearly effective considering her weightless success.