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Easy Tips for Drinking Less Alcohol in 2023 Set People Up for Success

Do you abstain from drinking on a regular basis? Have you ever wanted to take a break from alcohol but feel too much pressure to drink in social situations? TikTok content creator @maggiesellers_ tells us that we’re not alone. And she has some great tips for staying sober.

Check out the video she shared with tips on cutting back on booze after the new year.

What she tells us is true. It’s really hard to be in social situations without a drink sometimes and it can be even harder at work events. Her tip for surviving these high-pressure social situations is going to the bar and asking for a soda water with a lime in a cocktail class. That way, no one will ask you why you’re not drinking. This is a great tip, we’ve been doing this for years and it works like a charm. Her next time is to get comfortable, making someone else uncomfortable. 

That’s great advice for more than just alcohol. It’s OK to do what’s best for you, and if that bothers someone else, it’s on them. When you do drink, she reminds us to be mindful. How do you feel the next day? And she suggests we also be mindful of who we spend our time with. They should be people who support and respect your goals. She also tells us that she has a simple rule to not drink Monday-Thursday and she enjoys alcohol in moderation on the weekends. This is really great advice.

The audience appreciated her suggestions. Viewer @MichaelaMurphy said, “Thank you for this.” Viewer @KatieSkopec commented, “Yes. I went from drinking daily to only drinking on the weekends. It’s definitely helped me recognize how my body feels when I am consuming vs not.” Good to hear. Viewer @PaolaG. added, “Amen! Like, I wanna sleep well and not wake up feeling like death.” We couldn’t agree with you more.

These are all really great tips for cutting back on alcohol consumption. And they will definitely help us feel our best in 2023!