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Woman Shares How Doing 'Dry January' Changed Her Life

It's so worth it to take a break.

Bringing in the new year is typically synonymous with popping fireworks, kissing your partner when the clock strikes midnight, and of course, toasting to the new year with wine, champagne or any other alcohol your prefer. However, for some people, the last tradition is something they may no longer want to do as a way of leading a more healthy and conscious lifestyle.

If cutting out alcohol is something you considering doing for the new year, but may need a bit more motivation, this life-changing testimony from TikTok user and sobriety coach @amanda.kuda may just give you the push you need.

As she mentions in the video, she has not had any alcohol since January 1, 2017. Although she intended to take one month off when she started off her “Dry” challenge, she noticed that with each day she remained alcohol free, she became more confident and was able to tune in to herself on a deeper level. She also noted how she’s more emotionally and spiritually tuned in to herself, as well as becoming a more happy, healthy and resilient individual as a result of cutting out the alcohol completely. Simply put, she continued her “dry” challenge because she believed alcohol was taking up too much space in her life and she deserved better.

Like she mentions in the video, do whatever you feel is best for you, even if that means partaking in a “damp January” challenge and limiting your alcohol intake as opposed to cutting it out completely. However, if letting alcohol go completely is your goal, let her testimony serve as an additional boost of motivation for you.