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Video Shares Easy Mobility Exercise to Do Before Getting Out of Bed

Do you wake up each morning stiff as a board? Does everything ache and crack as you rise from your bed? TikTok content creator and fitness expert @eligned_ shows us a few movements we can all do each day to increase our mobility.

These simple exercises take less than 5 minutes but yield big rewards. 

These exercises don't look so bad, especially since we can do the first few while we're still in bed. The first move is for the hips and she shows us how to rotate from side to side, opening up those large ball and socket joints. Next on the list is our knees. Sitting on the edge of the bed, she shows us how to move those hinged joints around. Now it’s time to loosen up the shoulders. We actually tried this while we watched, and the sounds coming from our upper body were like a bowl of Rice Krispies. 

The next area to loosen is our thoracic cage, and since most of us round our backs all day at our computers, this is an important one. Then it’s time to loosen up the neck. That always feels good. The last exercise she shows us is one for for our brains. And it’s not as easy as it looks! She tells us this move helps to increase accuracy and coordination in the cerebellum. Good to know!

The audience was happy to learn about these moves. Viewer @NativeGraffiti commented, “Thank you - this is more thorough than what I usually do, and you’ve covered every joint so concisely.” She really did. Viewer @ChuckC noted, “The first move is extremely helpful to my lower back pain. Thank you!!” Great to hear. Viewer @Elodie said, “Thank you for this! I'm so not a morning person and this got me out of bed! The opposite hand and foot thing is impossible.” You’re not alone, it’s really hard!

We plan on giving this routine a try tomorrow morning. Goodness knows we need it!