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Protein-Packed Ice Cream Is a Perfect Post-Workout Treat

This healthy treat looks delicious!

Aside from a good stretch, one of the most satisfying things after enduring a tough workout is rewarding yourself with a delicious post-workout treat. While you can easily reach for a quick and convenient protein bar, sometimes your tastebuds are craving something a bit more refreshing.

So, if you’re looking for a new post-workout snack to try, may we suggest this homemade ice cream courtesy of TikTok content creator @gracekellyann? It’s refreshing, loaded with protein and delicious!

To make this tasty smoothie, all you would need to do is add a good amount of ice (while she doesn’t specify the exact amount of ingredients, we recommend eyeballing it and adjusting the ingredients to your liking), frozen fruit of choice, one banana your favorite protein flavor, xanthum gum and your milk of choice. Next, you’ll simply blend together all of your ingredients, scoop out your homemade protein ice cream and enjoy!

What we love about this simple DIY recipe is that it’s easy to customize! So depending on the mood you’re in after a workout or what your body is wanting to devour, you can easily switch up the fruit and protein flavors to get a different taste any time you make it!