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Hypnotist Shares One Emotion That Helps Us Lose Weight

If you struggle to control your weight and you have a hard time saying “no” to your favorite foods, we’ve found some sage advice that might help. TikTok content creator and hypnotist @jimkatsoulis explains how we can use an emotion to help lose weight. This great advice isn’t hard to follow.

This emotion can be applied to more than just food.

This is some really great advice. We use indifference as an emotion for negative circumstances, but we’ve never thought about using it for food. We choose indifference as the emotion we feel for negativity, because it takes away all the power. It makes sense that it would work that way for food, too. Many of us have very strong emotional ties to our food. We tend to either love or hate things, and those emotions give those things a lot of control over us. Training ourselves to use the emotion of indifference is a wonderful way to detach ourselves from those unhealthy habits. It won’t happen instantly, but if you keep practicing, you’ll get there eventually.

The audience was excited to try using this emotion. Viewer @Tina commented, “I’ve recently started saying “it’s just not worth it anymore to eat that stuff” when met with foods like chips and ice cream etc.” Viewer @bardejoli commented, “indifference... same emotion goes for an ex.” And it works! Viewer @LizJones commented, “This is absolutely true!!! Currently going through it! Great message.” It really is.

This wonderful advice arrives just in time for the season of over-indulgence. You might not be perfect at practicing indifference by then, but it’s a great season for getting some practice.