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Woman Shares How Much Her Body Has Changed Since Eating European Food

Have you ever lived outside the US for any length of time? Have you traveled to Europe, eaten twice your normal calories, and actually lost weight? TikTok content creator @gingerbratz shares her thoughts from abroad on the food we eat in America. It’s sad but it's true.

Until something changes, this topic should be headline news.

She's absolutely right. Everything tastes completely different in Europe; the eggs, cheeses, meats, and especially the fruits and vegetables. We've consumed copious amounts of rich European foods too and have lost weight. It’s hard to reconcile in your head and once you’ve had the experience, and it’s hard to go back to the foods we eat here. The good news we can share is that if you also have those bumps on the back of your arms, they will go away stateside too. It's a normal skin condition called keratosis pilaris. Although food may be a factor, this condition corrects itself in the years following adolescence, usually before the age of 30.

The audience was in agreement. Viewer @DFromm commented, “I'm lactose intolerant, but when I go to Europe and have cheese/dairy, I’m completely fine. European food actually tastes real to me, it's insane.” And @gingerbratz replied, “I thought it was “normal” to get extremely bloated after eating dairy at home, but when I moved to Europe, nothing happened - I was shocked.” Viewer @Klara said, “I stayed in the US (NY state) for 4 months and food was the worst part, it made me feel sick all the time. I was so grateful to be back in Europe.” Viewer @ComradeVelma added, “I keep hearing stories like this. We have no idea how bad we have it here.” And @gingerbratz replied, “Yes! If everyone had the opportunity to see what it could be like, I think there’d be a lot more public outrage.” That’s the truth. 

Hopefully, each time we have a conversation about these problems, we can also move one step closer to solving them.