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Simple Exercises to Strengthen Hip Flexors Can Make a Big Difference

Doing these offers a ton of benefits.

Stretching your hip flexors offers a ton of benefits, however, it’s not the only thing we should focus on when it comes to our hip flexors. Something else we should do that’s equally just as important is strengthening our hip flexors as well.

Strengthening your hip flexors can help your body tremendously and if you’re interested in learning how to do so, check out this video from TikTok content creator @likeafoss.

To train her hip flexors, she simply uses a kettle bell and resistance bands to complete the exercises.

The first exercise she does is an assisted single leg kettle bell lift while gently holding onto the wall and lifting a kettlebell with one leg while the standing leg is firmly planted on the aerobic platform steppers.

Next, she elevates her legs off a weightlifting bench, places a resistance band around the bottoms of both shoes and switches between her legs as she brings one knee back toward her chest. The third exercise is similar to the previous exercise, however, she’s no longer elevating er legs and uses her arms.

Finally, she places the kettle bell in-between her legs while sitting in a wide-leg straddle and takes turns lifting each leg over the kettle bell while her arms are lifted straight into the air.

Benefits of training and strengthening your hip flexors include stronger squats and hips, better posture and overall body movement and less back pain