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Fitness Coach Gives Key Exercises to Target the Upper Glutes

Would you like to have a big round booty? If you’ve ever wondered how some ladies get their stunning shape, stay right here. TikTok content creator @coachrauveshows us the moves we need to be doing to firm up our tush.

These three simple excises might finally fix that flat behind!

He explains that these three movements specifically target the upper glute region. The first exercise he recommends is lateral band walks, with a partial bend in the knee. Number two is a standing hip abduction, again with a partial bend in the knee, making sure to get a full range of motion. The third exercise is a lying hip abduction with a band at the ankles, with both a full and quarter rep. All three exercises can easily be done from the comfort of your own home. And the only thing you'll need to have on hand is a resistance band. And that can even go with you when you travel. We will gladly give these three targeted excises a try! 

The audience enjoyed hearing about these excises and was interested in learning more. Viewer @kloud408 commented, “I need for side glute!! please.” And @coachrauveshows replied, “No such thing, adding overall size is key.” That’s interesting to learn. Viewer @bryannehackman said, “Thanks for sharing! It’s shelf building season.” That’s funny! Viewer @FinchiMcQueen added, “This looks way sexier than bleeding to death for a Brazilian Butt Lift.” It’s always better to do the work than risk the surgery. 

We are thrilled to see these terrific exercises. We will be trying to build up our shelves this year too.