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Fat Loss Dietitian Spills Certain Rules She Always Tells Her Clients

If you feel like your weight loss is stalled, you may want to hear a dietician's sound advice. TikTok content creator and registered dietician @bringingbalancedback explains the first thing she tells her clients to do. And it won't require any special equipment or gym memberships. 

You won't even have to break a sweat to boost your metabolism.

We can do this. She explains that she may sound like a broken record, but she tells all of her clients that they need to be adding steps to their day. She tells us that adding steps is good for overall health and fat loss. She recommends adding 1500 steps a day to the amount of steps you’re currently averaging. She explains that by reaching a high step goal, we are increasing the “neat” part of our metabolism. The “neat” stands for; non exercise activity thermogenesis. She tells us that this is the most flexible part of our metabolism and by just increasing our daily activity a little, we can easily burn more fat. These extra steps can help us to achieve a calorie deficit each day and aid in our weight loss. We are happy to hear she isn't asking for an extra hour of cardio.

The audience was in agreement. Viewer @natalie commented, “I lost 20+ pounds just from walking!” That’s great to hear. Viewer @Mai Weston said, “I've walked an hour a day for the last two years and I’m leaner than I’ve ever been (44 y/o).” We believe it. Viewer @susanlee585 commented, “I am shocked how many people take the elevator one or two floors or fight over a close parking spot. Great opportunities to get in steps.” Taking the stairs is another great way to increase your daily steps. 

We appreciate her sharing this healthy advice. We are looking forward to hearing what she to teach us in part two.