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Fat Loss Coach Shares #1 Thing to Do to Shed Fat

Have you recently lost a lot of weight? Do you look as lean as you’d like? TikTok content creator @aaronburgessfitness shares his number one tip for toning up. It comes just in time for the New Year's resolutions.

You might even enjoy this tip to stay lean!

Well, that's easy enough. We need to eat more protein to look and stay trim. He recommends getting 8g of protein per pound of body weight each day. That's a smart recommendation. He tells us that without adequate protein, we're losing muscle instead of fat, and that's why sometimes, after significant weight loss, we don't look the way we would like. This is great information to hear if you’ve been struggling to tone up. We also want to mention there's a limit to how much we should consume each day. The average person needs about 175g of protein per day and activities levels can play a factor. And it's always best to speak to your doctor before starting any new diet plan.

The audience agreed with this recommendation. Viewer @user570739220482
“This was my biggest problem! I concur with what you said. I was told to take up my protein, which I did..& it made the biggest difference!” Great to hear! Viewer @Jamie commented, “Oh wow. I’m only maybe eating half of what I should!” Viewer @MeraMeraPistolera said, “You are so right! I started losing the weight when I added protein. Thanks.” That’s good to hear.

We will keep aiming to eat our recommended amount of protein and hopefully we will see ourselves leaning out before spring. It's worth a shot!