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Fitness Coach Shares Her Number One Tip for Fat Loss

Do you always feel hungry when you’re trying to eat well? Do you starve yourself but find you barely lose any weight at all? TikTok content creator and fitness coach @jillianrfit shares her reverse-diet tips for fat loss. And this tip may actually have you eating more.

You might find you’ve been doing the opposite for years!

Wow, that’s interesting. She tells us that most people and protein are deficient, and that we need to eat more of it to lose more fat. She recommends eating about 1 gram of protein per pound of desired or current body weight, if you’re close to your goal. She recommends lean animal sources and even gives us a list of sometimes foods, like cheeseburgers. That might not be her first choice, but we are allowed to enjoy them on occasion. That’s a great plan for sure. She says the easiest way to do this is by adding an additional 2-3 ounces of protein to our meals. She doesn’t mention a limit, but generally, 100-175 grams of protein a day is safe for an adult. If you are sedentary, you will require less protein than an athlete. Eating more than you should can be damaging to your kidneys, so please speak to your doctor before starting any new eating plan.

The audience was happy to hear this advice. Viewer @heatherlanning245 asked, “Reverse dieting? What is that?” And @jillianrfit replied, “Strategically reintroducing your calories after dieting to boost your metabolism back up so you can continue losing fat and not rebound after a diet!” Viewer @deborahmestas asked, “So if I weigh 161 lbs and I want to be 130 lbs, how much protein do I need daily?” And @jillianrfit replied, “I’d say around 130g-140g daily is a great goal!” Good to know!

We appreciate her tips! We will try to get our protein levels up a bit, and hopefully that extra fat will start to go.