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Super Fit Woman Has People Shocked After Revealing Her Weight

It's higher than what people expected.

If there’s anything that can be a bit deceiving when it comes to our bodies, it’s our weight. When we take certain factors — height, body type and body shape — into consideration, we sometimes can appear to weight more or less to others.

While many people prefer to keep their weight to themselves, rather than tell everyone or post to social media, TikTok content creator @emmamckearney opted to do something a little different and shared her surprising weight with her followers.

In response to a fellow TikTok user commenting how she weighed 140 pounds, she got on the scale to show them that their assumption of her weight was way off.

While the scale may be a little difficult to read, she weighs roughly 172 pounds. This surprised quite a few of her followers because many of them assumed she was smaller and weighed less, however, she’s toned and muscular and because muscle weighs more than fat, her weight is higher than what people expect.

Unsurprisingly, in addition to being surprised by her weight, her followers were also pleased that she shared her weight with one fellow TikTok user @snakebitejenny commenting “This gives me hope I’m 175 and I don’t look like this… I’ve been going to the gym and the scale is not moving. I hope I’ll look like this over time.”

While I can understand why many people opt to keep their weight a secret, we appreciate her being so open to share!