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Man Shares the Truth About Doing a 5-Day Water Fast

Do you think you could survive a five-day water fast? Or would you be eating the paint off the walls? TikTok content creator @brettconti shares his recent fasting experience. And the side effects actually sound amazing.

This is a really hard thing to do for five full days.

We give him credit for sticking to this for the entire time; that's some legit willpower. He explains that for five days, he drank only water and ate only bone broth. He tells us that the first couple of days he tried to keep himself busy all day long by going for walks, working, and meditating. He said by day three, every time he would go outside, he would smell all of his favorite restaurants in the air. We bet. By day five, his stomach was waking him up in the middle of the night, loudly growling. But he only had a few hours to go, and when the clock struck 12, he could eat again. He tells us that during his fast he had steady energy and focus. And that he now feels like a whole new guy. 

The audience applauded his achievement. Viewer @CésarVazquez commented, “I did it for 5 days (only water, black coffee or tea) and day 3 is the worst! But by day 4-5, you kinda get used to it. It was a great experiment.” Wow, only coffee and tea must be rough. Viewer @RyanHerr said, “It’s crazy how well your senses work when you go over 24 hours. I’m sure at the 72 mark it’s crazy.” It must be a very euphoric feeling. Viewer @SamWolf commented, "Did this with a diet of just salad. I walked past chick Fil A and caved.” It’s hard to pass by on a regular and not cave.

We are impressed by his commitment to fast for five days. It's probably a lot longer than we could ever do.