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Mom Shares Foods That Are Banned Everywhere but the United States

Do you ever wonder why we eat foods in the US that are banned in other countries? We do too, and it’s rather concerning. TikTok content creator @parodurrani22 shares 4 foods we eat regularly in the States that are banned in other countries. 

This list might change your eating habits.

This list is very alarming. Why would we allow food additives here that they’ve deemed harmful in other countries? We had no idea that Little Debbie Swiss Rolls were banned because of the additives in the chocolate! In addition to the fat and sugar, it's another good reason to avoid this processed snack. Frosted Flakes are next on the banned list due to BHT, a flavor enhancer that’s being studied for its possible carcinogenic properties. Can’t we just remove this stuff? 

Mountain Dew is banned in both the EU and Japan because it contains bromide, which may lead to skin and neurological problems. That’s in addition to excess sugar and caffeine. My oh my. Lastly, Coffee Mate creamer isn’t allowed in Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, Iceland, Austria, and Hungry. This is because it contains hydrogenated oils and trans-fats. You’ll still find it in the US because it contains 1/2 gram or less of trans-fat and we consider that to be zero here in the States. Keep in mind, if you use two teaspoons, you’re already over the banned amount Stateside, too.

We are always happy to be reminded of those additives hiding in our foods. We are looking forward to her next video, and we know there are several more foods you’ll be interested in learning about, too.