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Metabolism Expert Recommends Specific Foods for People Who Can't Lose Weight

Are you a woman going through the mid-life changes, struggling to lose weight? If you hate counting calories or macros, but would like to lose a few pounds, this method weight loss method might be just the plan for you. TikTok content creator @themetabolismreboot shows us what to eat for five days.

These five days sound easier than any diet we’ve tried before.

This is a great test and you only need to do it for five days, to see if it works for you. First, you’re not going to count anything or track anything. And you won’t have to mix up any weird shakes. Whoo hoo. Instead, you’re going to enjoy protein. Any kind and as much as you want. Next, you’re going to eat lots of veggies, and you can even enjoy the starchy ones too! He also tells us to focus on eating fruits. Again, any kind we’d like, all we have to worry about is enjoying it. We are also going to eat healthy fats like olive oil, coconut and avocado. For five days we are only to eat these foods that we enjoy and then see how we feel. We can totally do this!

Much of the audience was ready to give this a try, but some still had a few questions. Viewer @Dmp33 commented, “I’m starting tomorrow! I’ll get back to you in 5 days!” Viewer @Michelle asked, “Are we allowed to have cheese and butter?” And @themetabolismreboot replied, “I wouldn’t. Try it. Cut it out and see how you feel. Dairy can be reactive. So it’s good to cut it, then test it back in later.” Viewer @TerraS asked, “Can you have eggs and fruit for breakfast, or does it have to be actual meat?”And @themetabolismreboot replied, “That may depend on the person. If you're reactive to eggs could be a problem. But eggs could work. You could also try fasting. That’s can be good as well.” Great to know.

We love the idea of simply enjoying our food and not having to keep track of every single bite.