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Weight Loss Coach Shares 3 Foods That Cause Massive Inflammation in the Body

If you’ve been hoping to find a way to lose weight without hitting the gym or dieting, stay tuned right here. TikTok content creator @trevorfolgering shares his weight loss tips for men over 40. This great advice is smart for everyone.

Those good-for-you foods might not be so healthy after all. 

Yikes! Those prepackaged foods really pack a load of sugar in them. His first food to eliminate if you want to lose weight is pre-packaged oatmeal. With one serving containing 33 grams of carbohydrates, this sugary cereal drives up your glucose levels, leading to inflammation in the body. Next on the naughty list is pasta with a 5oz serving containing 63 grams of carbohydrates. He makes a great point by saying we tend to eat more than just 5oz per serving, leading to an even higher carb count. Third on his list are pre-packed fruit cups which are loaded with carbs and sugar, again driving up inflammation in the body. And although women tend to need a few more carbs than men, finding healthy complex carbohydrates is clearly a smarter way to go.

Many in the audience were happy to hear this advice, but some didn’t agree. Viewer @RomanHawke commented, “For crying out loud, leave pasta alone. My Italian grandma is 99YO. Ate pasta all her life!!” Viewer @Swacker311 asked, “I eat a lot of natural fruit. Pretty sure after a 3-week fruit binge I put on weight. Thoughts?” And @trevorfolgering replied, “It’s very easy for the body to convert fructose into triglycerides and store in the liver as fat.” Interesting. Viewer @Chris commented, "Sounds like a diet if I can’t eat pasta.” He makes a good point.

This is sound advice. And it seems, staying away from those pre-packaged foods is the key to better health.