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Holistic Nutritionist Recommends Certain Foods to Decrease Inflammation

If you suffer from arthritis or aching joints or feel like your body is always full of inflammation, you'll want to pay attention to this advice. TikTok content creator and holistic nutritionist @nataliaazadwellness shares the seven foods we can be eating to reduce inflammation naturally. And you might have them all in your kitchen.

The foods on this list are all backed by medical studies!

These foods are so easy to incorporate into our daily meals. First up is ginger, and this spicy root vegetable is a well known antioxidant. Next on the list is bone broth, and she shows us a study of Ulcerative Colitis that shows a reduction in inflammation when consuming this beverage. How interesting! Third is green leafy vegetables. They appear on every “good for you” list that you can find. In a randomized study, they were shown to reduce damage in the colon for those who are at an increased risk of colon cancer. 

Number four is salmon, and this fish has also been shown to decrease inflammation in patients with UC. Olive oil makes the list at number five. Mushrooms are number six and green tea completes the list at number seven. And again, all of these anti-inflammatory foods are backed by science and have been shown to lower inflammatory factors.

The audience was impressed by this list. Viewer @Ashley commented, "I put ginger in just about everything!” We do too. Viewer @1 asked, “Can it be any salmon? Can olive oil be used to cook?” And @nataliaazadwellness replied, “Wild caught salmon is best!” Good to know. Another viewer added, “You have facts, that's nice.” We like hearing the facts too.

We're always happy to hear recommendations backed by science. And since we already enjoy all of these foods, eating them won't be hard to do.