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6 Specific Foods Supposedly Help to Keep Us in Optimal Health

Are you trying to eat better? Would you like to focus less on dieting and more on eating the right foods for wellness? TikTok content creator @amarietok shares her top 6 foods that benefit our health. We were very happy to see some of the options on this delicious list.

You may be pleasantly surprised by several of these healthy foods!

We like this list! First up, is an apple. She tells us the old saying about “eating an apple a day to keep the doctor away” is true. And that they help to fill us with fiber, too. Next are olives. She tells us those savory fruits are wonderful anti-oxidants and are great for mental health. Who knew? Third is broccoli, and she tells us this bushy vegetable is also great for our mood. 

Coming in at number four are berries. She tells us they are filled with antioxidants, and they are also good for our heart and blood sugar. Number five is dark chocolate. She mentions this is good for making our brain happy and also is good for gut health. Whoo hoo! Finally, coming in at number six, are dates. We were surprised to hear this sweet fruit on the list, but it made our day. She tells us they are good for keeping us satiated while helping to regulate hormones and cholesterol. 

The audience was happy to hear this great information. Viewer @Sonni319 asked, “Is drinking a spoonful of olive oil ok? I hate the taste of olives.” And @amarietok replied, “Olive oil contains anti-inflammatory polyphenols. It reduces inflammation, cholesterol, blood, clotting, and blood pressure.”Viewer @KathyGibson741 suggested, “Toss chopped dates, chopped apples and chopped pecans for a caramel apple-like taste.” And @amarietok replied, “You are a genius!!! I tried this, and it was amazing!!! Even my teen liked it.” Good to hear.  Viewer @irishquirk commented, “Couldn’t force an apple on me at gunpoint.” Too funny, that’s how we feel about olives.

We're happy to know some of our favorite foods made the list. We can enjoy eating them now more than ever.