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Dietitian Advises Eating More of Specific Foods to Lose Weight

Have you started the New Year on a diet? Would you like a few tips to help you maximize your weight loss? TikTok content creator and registered dietician @sororitynutritionist explains how we can start eating more of the right foods, to weigh less.

You might be missing this important nutrient each morning!

We always like to hear that we can eat, to lose the weight! But she does note; a calorie deficit is still needed to take off the pounds. She explains that one of the first things we need to do to lose weight is increase the amount of protein we are consuming. She tells us that it's very important to have a protein with our morning meal and that we should be aiming for 25-30 grams with breakfast. We also need to add more non-starchy vegetables to each of our meals. She explains that we can start sneaking these in. One of the great example she provides is adding riced cauliflower to our regular rice. That’s easy enough to do and no one will even notice. Lastly, she tells us that we have to increase our fiber. She prefers to do this with naturally high-fiber foods like oats, quinoa, rice or beans. Sounds good to us!

The audience was happy to have this great information. Viewer @AbbeyFraner commented, “Way more helpful for people to hear what to eat more of instead of just hearing about restrictions.” We agree. Viewer @Jillian said, “I really have noticed that when I eat protein in the morning, I feel better all day long! Less crashing in the afternoons.” Great to know. Viewer @LubalethuDube noted, “Mixing cauliflower rice with regular rice for volume is so smart!!” It really is.

We will be using this great advice to help us feel our very best in 2023. And we will be sneaking some extra non-starchy veggies into our family's meals, too.