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Model Shares Why the Diet in France Is Healthier Than the U.S.

Have you ever wondered how the Parisian women stay so thin and beautiful with all the indulgent foods in French cuisine? It’s has to be more than just great genetics. TikTok content creator @nataliexelise shares what it’s like to eat in Paris. And it’s nothing like the States.

Making these choices can make all the difference in maintaining a healthy weight.

It's a whole different world over there. Her description of eating in Paris sounds delightful. The first dietary difference she points out is portion size. In Paris, there's only one layer of pasta on a plate compared to an American diet where we are served a pound of pasta at once. There's also little snacking in Paris, and she tells us it's hard to even find prepackaged food. That's got to make a big difference right there. And although they may drink wine daily, they don’t do it in excess. Instead, they enjoy one, nice glass of wine. Another big difference between the States to European counties is that they take the time to enjoy their meals. If we took time to digest and enjoy our foods too, we’d probably all be much healthier and happier, too.

The audience had mixed opinions on this topic. Viewer @lapetitelucarne commented, “Parisian here (born, raised and living rn) walkability, smaller portions, cigarettes, and coffee are the reasons for skinny (not healthy) bodies.” Viewer @Kelley commented, “I’m sure affordable healthcare, walkability, affordable healthy foods, and more vacation time also have something to do with it.” Being more relaxed must play a big role. Viewer @KIKI commented, "Was in Paris 3 weeks ago and have to agree and less salt on foods.” That’s a great point, too!

We can all walk a little more, drink a little less, and enjoy our meals more slowly. And like the French, it might not hurt to spend a little more time for vacation, too.