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Dietitian Shares Trick for Making Frozen Veggies Taste Incredible

Do you love to using frozen vegetables? Would you like to prepare them in a way that's far more tasty than boiling or microwaving them? TikTok content creator @livingmybekslife shows us how to level-up our meals. Frozen veggies have never looked so good.

This will be the only way you make your veggies from now on!

That broccoli looks so much better than the way it does when it comes out of a microwave bag. She tells us that frozen vegetables are ideal because they are flash frozen at the time of harvest. This helps to retain many of the wonderful nutrients. Unlike canned veggies, frozen doesn’t’ contain any extra salt either. Great to know. She air-fries the broccoli using only avocado oil, salt, pepper, and garlic powder. That’s about as easy and healthy as it gets. The sky’s the limit with this great idea and you can use carrots, green beans, or mixed veggies as well.

The audience was happy to see this smart hack. Viewer @KylieClair asked, “So to clarify! They aren’t soft and mushy??? Cause I stopped buying frozen veggies for this reason. And @livingmybekslife replied, “Correct! I hate mushy vegetables!” Great to know. Viewer @DoNotDisturb said, “That’s the only way I do my veggies and always buy frozen, so much cheaper too.” And @livingmybekslife replied, “YES!!! Affordable, nutritious and tasty! I am picky about veggies so this is so good for me!” It sounds like a great idea to us, too.

This sensational idea will help to make your dinner prep easy. We think our family will enjoy eating their veggies this way, too!