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Woman Shares Unfortunate Yet Funny Downfall of Gaining Weight

Weight gain can really creep up on you. And sometimes it's not the scale that finally makes you take notice. TikTok content creator @janiecfrank shares the moment she knew she needed to lose the weight.

Her honesty is very refreshing.

This was not at all what we were expecting to hear. She tells us that no one told her that gaining weight would lead to these problems. And she explains that once she reached a size 18, she had to hold her breath to shave her cooch. Yep, that’s an eye-opening moment for sure. We usually only consider how we look or what our clothes will look like when we gain weight. And maybe we think about diabetes and heart disease, but we don't stop to consider the physical limitations of being overweight as much. We hope this realization makes doing more than just shaving her lady parts better. It's never nice to have a rude awakening in the shower, but it can also bring positive outcomes.

The audience felt her pain. Viewer @ch.rows commented, "Honestly, I started working out just for this reason. I can’t live like this.” And @janiecfrank replied, “I bought a treadmill for this and tying my shoes lol.” Viewer @alltoozelle said, “No one told me how expensive it is to replace all my clothes.” Viewer @fitzemerald commented, “I have embraced the rainforest life. I have no idea what it looks like and frankly, that’s none of my business.” Too funny!

We applaud her for sharing the truth and taking action. We hope she’s already able to shave without holding her breath.