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Woman Swears by 'Spoonful of Garlic' to Keep From Getting Sick

Don't worry, it gets mixed with a sweetener.

We may be in the midst of holiday season, but we’re unfortunately in the middle of flu season as well. And if you’re a person that rather not experience the terrible symptoms of the flu and want to potentially skip being sick, then you’ll want to try this easy DIY recipe courtesy of TikTok content creator @annalanier2.

What’s amazing about this recipe is it only involves two ingredients!

To make this easy remedy, all you need to do is simply take some cloves of garlic, add them to a glass jar and completely cover them with honey. She claims that the longer you let that simple DIY sit, the better the health benefits are. After you complete this easy DIY, all you have to do is take a spoonful of this garlic honey remedy every day and supposedly, it will keep you from getting sick.

And if you’re wondering if this easy two-ingredient really works, apparently it does and people in the comment section claim this simple remedy works amazingly well!

“I’ve been taking a teaspoon every day for a few months already, and it really works,” @caves10 shared. “I been using it for 15 years never got sick one day,” @michaeleritrean commented.

That’s only a couple of the helpful comments shared under the video. Clearly it’s worth the try!