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Simple Exercise Might Make It Easier to Achieve an Hourglass Shape

You can do this anywhere.

Achieving an hourglass body shape is so highly coveted, that many people will go through endless extremities to get the desired body image. However, rather than go to far and sometimes, potentially dangerous ends to try and get the the hourglass shape, focus on committing to proper exercise.

And if you’re in need of a good exercise to help you reach your hourglass body goals, try this simple, yet, effective exercise from TikTok user @sammie.rae_fitness.

As seen in the quick video, @sammie.rae_fitness suggests doing an exercise referred to as gorilla rows to achieve an hourglass shape. Although the fitness enthusiast prefers to use kettlebells for this powerful back workout, you can use dumbbells to achieve the same, if not similar, results, as long as you can maintain proper form.

For this particular exercise, she sets a timer for one minute and repeats the exercise four times. Much like her followers and viewers in the comment section, we’re impressed with this simple exercise and can personally attest to how great and effective this powerful exercise is!

Like @sammie.rae_fitness mentioned in the comment section, you will get stronger and see great results the more you add them into your workout routine!