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Grandma's Secret to Living to Age 97 Is What Everyone Wants to Hear

Whenever we come across someone who has lived well into their 90s (or even to 100), we can't help but wonder what their secret to longevity is. Turns out, it's different for everyone. TikTok content creator @shelbyhoefling shares her 97-year-old grandmother's secret to living a long life. And it's so very easy to do.

This secret is something we should all be doing every single day.

We adore this grandma. And we love that she's enjoying a cup of ice cream in this video, too. If we live long enough to see nearly a century of life, we hope we will be enjoying ice cream as well. Her granddaughter asked her why she believes she's lived so long? And she responded in the most adorable way by saying; she's not sure because she's been naughty. Ha! She tells us that enjoys eating sugar and butter as well. Her granddaughter mentions that she has a lot of faith and that she is also very grateful. Grandma agreed, and tells us that she can’t end her day without finding something to be grateful for. And that she never takes anything for granted. We have no doubt that having gratitude in your heart is the secret for living a wonderful life.

The audience loved this positive message. Viewer @CaliLady commented, “Gratitude & butter are the secrets.” We agree. Viewer @user2274151987629 said, “This is true. My mom was 98 when she passed last November; she always said every day that she was thankful for another day.” Viewer @user4538346529386 added, “My dad lived to 96. He said he never went to bed ungrateful and woke up thinking about all he was grateful for.” We'll be sure to practice this, too.

We hope to see our 90s, but only if we can be as fabulous as this wise grandmother. With an attitude of gratitude, we might just make it!